“…Hunting means a great spectacle for us, in which nature is sometimes conquered, giving you some unforgettable moments from the abundant fauna of the nature”



The beginnings of the organization of the hunting activities in Romania, although very old, materialized around 1870, through the establishment of the first hunting company in Bucharest. In 1919 the establishment of the General Union of the Hunters (UGU) took place in Romania in order to become in 1953 the General Association of Hunters ans Sports Fishermen in Romania.

The most important change in the history of the hunting from the last period took place in 2010, the hunting funds could be privatized according to the law 407/2006 and some of these could be put up for auction and given to the use of administrators, who had legally established hunting associations.

This major change of the hunting culture and administration in Romania brought a positive change of our hunting fauna, each association has the scope to increase the livestock and the development of the quality of the trophies in order that the trophies can be sold for exportation respecting all the legal norms and those of the quality of the trophies.
The „Pro Hunting” Association was established in 2011 and manages the hunting funds Pausa no. 26 in the county of Bihor – Romania, which has a total surface of 9733 ha, of which 2199 ha forests. Since 2011 up to the present the „Pro Hunting” Association is well-known in each part of Europe for his quality services, thanks to the quite good results in the collection and increase of the livestock and its quality.

S.C. “Wild Hunting Pro” – Romania in collaboration with “Pro Hunting Romania” is a company managed for the purpose of developing the hunting tourism in Romania, managed by ing. Pantea Claudiu, who manages at the present the Pro Hunting activities in the domain of hunting engineering.

S.C. “Wild Hunting Romania” is a company that arranges high quality hunting parties with professional staff in the hunting domain. Our aim is to maintain high standards and professionalism among the members, with whom we are practicing hunting in Romania.
The formation, education and security of the hunters is our responsibility, we make professional security instructions before participating on a hunting party, (SSM), every hunter will be informed of the risks and regulations that are to be respected in order that hunting can be practiced safely.


To be a professional hunting guide means the certainty and restlessness that you have chosen a complex profession, that you`ll make a cognitive route along the whole activity, but also the power to give and to live under the constellation of a higher aspiration to look for solutions that are between art and science, vocation and cognition, between rationality and intuition.

The guide is an expert in his field of activity, his role being to elevate the hunter`s self-confidence in his own, to provoke him to give all his best to make the most of the opportunities. In the presence of the guide the hunter should feel relaxed and comfortable, reckoning his master to be his equal.

I study hunting since I was a child and since 2011 I have become the youngest administrator of the hunting funds of the county of Bihor – Romania and I`m employed as engineer in the hunting domain at the “Pro Hunting” Association Romania.



Wild Hunting is your exclusive partner for the hunting arranged in Romania. Hunting is a passion!



In 2017 a shooting season is waiting for you with special offers for all the animal species that can be hunted. Booking in time these hunting parties you`ll benefit from a discount of the packages and better chances for success.

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