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Necessary documents for the invitation

In order to organize the hunting experience you requested, under the best possible conditions, please send us your reservation requests at least 30 days before! Requested data:
• The period of time you intend to come to Romania ( the first day and the duration)
• The complete name of the participants
• No. of the hunting days as well as the type of the hunting (individual/group)

At the same time, please send us the following data with personal character for all the participants:
• Copy of the passport
• Copy of the shooting-licence
• Copy of the gun-licence plus European gun passport
• Hunting insurance against accidents

If we have all the information and documents, we will arrange all the legal procedures to come to Romania together or without the own shotguns and/or munition.

The munition must be transported especially in closed boxes, separated from the gun!
• The transport of the munition in the main luggage is not allowed!

If you want to come to Romania with your own hunting dog, you must have on your own the international health certificate, the antirabietic vaccination made at least 1 month before your arrival in Romania.
A special cage for the dog is necessary for the air transport.


To be a professional hunting guide means the certainty and restlessness that you have chosen a complex profession, that you`ll make a cognitive route along the whole activity, but also the power to give and to live under the constellation of a higher aspiration to look for solutions that are between art and science, vocation and cognition, between rationality and intuition.

The guide is an expert in his field of activity, his role being to elevate the hunter`s self-confidence in his own, to provoke him to give all his best to make the most of the opportunities. In the presence of the guide the hunter should feel relaxed and comfortable, reckoning his master to be his equal. A guide also must be appreciated for his performances in his field of activity.

I study hunting since I was a child and since 2011 I have become the youngest administrator of the hunting funds of the county of Bihor – Romania and I`m employed as engineer in the hunting domain at the Association “Pro Hunting” Romania.



In 2017 a shooting season is waiting for you with special offers for all the animal species that can be hunted. Booking in time these hunting parties you`ll benefit from a discount of the packages and better chances for success.

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