(Dama dama)

PERIOD: 10 Oktober – 1 December (individual)



The fallow-deer is a herbivorous mammal of the Cervidae family, suborder ruminants, native of the Mediterranean regions. The fallow-deer belongs to the genus Dama, not to the genus Cervus, which includes the common deer (Cervus elaphus) and the Sika deer (Cervus nippon).


The main differences between these genera lies in the fact, that the deer from the genus Dama present „wide” antlers, don`t have long hair on the neck in the belling period and don`t have eye-teeth in the upper jaw.

The length of the body is 1,30 – 1,60 m, the tail 16 – 18 cm and the weight up to 120 kg (male stag) and 65 kg (female).

The colour of the fur is brown-reddish, with white spots on the back, during the summer, but during the winter the colour of the fur on the back is brown-goldish. On the belly and on the inner part of the legs the fur is white. It lives 15 – 18 years in the wild and 20 – 25 years in captivity.
The antlers appear only by the male stag. These begin to widen in the form of a shovel from the middle of the branch towards the tip, fact that led to the name of fallow-deer. The antlers reach the maximum development at the age of 10 – 12 years.

5 nights boarding-house/accommodation
4 days of hunting
3 meals/day/hunter – the alcoholic drinks are not included
transport on the hunting-ground/daily
companion of a professional hunting guide
preparation of the trophy

PRICE: 850 EUR/hunter

Net weight of the trophy (kg)


Price/10 g

Up to 2 kg offer
2.01 – 2.50 kg 550 EUR
2.51 – 3.00 kg 800 EUR + 3 EUR/10 gr
3.01 – 3.50 kg 1050 EUR + 15 EURO/10 gr
3.51 – 4.00 kg 1850 EUR + 20 EUR/10 gr
4.01 – 4.50 kg 2950 EUR + 25 EUR/10 gr
Above 4.51 kg offer
Translator - 50 EUR/day – group of 1 – 5 hunters
Transfer airport – 0.85 EUR/km
shotgun borrowing – carabine – 40 EUR/day + 2 EUR/cartridge


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