(Lepus europaeus)

PERIOD: 1 November – 31 January („drive with beaters” - group)



The length of the body is 48 -52 cm, to which comes a tail of 8 – 9 cm. The weight is 4 kg, but in some cases it can reach up to 6 kg. The colour of the coat varies depending on place and season, the general nuance is ashen-reddish. The shedding of the coat takes place in spring.


It is widespread from the delta to the mountains. It eats grass, carrot, cereals and in winter rind of trees.The female gives birth to young hares, which she feeds with milk. Even after a week the young hares can leave the litter, in order to forage for food alone. The gestation lasts 42-43 days. Approximately 64% of the hares don`t reach the age of one year. The big mortality of the field hares is duet o the numerous predators of the food chain as well as duet o the inconsiderate intervention of the human.

4 nights accommodation hotel or boarding-house
3 meals/day/hunter – the alcoholic drinks are not included
3 days of hunting
transport on the hunting-ground/daily
beater with hunting dogs
3 days of hunting/4 nights accomodation

Group of 6/8 hunters

Group of 9/12 hunters

up to 50 hares 950 EURO/hunter 900 EURO/hunter
51 – 100 hares 1150 EURO/hunter 1100 EURO/hunter
101 – 150 hares 1250 EURO/hunter 1200 EURO/hunter
more than 150 hares offer offer
Translator - 50 EUR/day – group of 1 – 5 hunters
Transfer airport – 0.85 EUR/km
shotgun borrowing – carabine – 40 EUR/day + 2 EUR/ cartridge


In 2017 a shooting season is waiting for you with special offers for all the animal species that can be hunted. Booking in time these hunting parties you`ll benefit from a discount of the packages and better chances for success.

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