(Phasianus colchicus)

PERIOD: 1 November – 31 January („drive with beaters” - group)



The cock-bird has a long forked tail, a golden plumage with pied feathers white with black, or yellow with ashen. The head is bluish with greenish nuance. The female has a plumage of lighter colours with yellow or ashen nuance. At present there are approximately 30 species, all birds are active by day, they live on fields with cultivable grounds, where they generally eat vegetal food, and at night they retire in the forest to sleep in trees.


It is a polygamous bird (a cock has 5 – 6 hens), sedentary, that doesn`t migrate in winter, only when foraging for food. The female lays 8 – 15 greenish or brown eggs in the nest, and broods them from April to June 24 days long on a ground with leaves of grass. The voice of the cock-bird is a crow, that can be heard in the evening when it flies to the trees to sleep, in the early morning when it comes down and whenever they consider to be threatened by a danger in the breeding period. The female has also a light tick, but it flies to the tree without giving a sound of her voice.

4 nights accommodation hotel or boarding-house
3 meals/day/hunter – the alcoholic drinks are not included
3 days of hunting
transport on the hunting-ground/daily
beater and hunting dogs
3 days of hunting/ 4 nights accomodation

Group of 9/12 hunters – all inclusive

Up to 50 pheasants 550 EURO/hunter 450 EURO/hunter
51 – 100 pheasants 750 EURO/hunter 650 EURO/hunter
101 – 150 pheasants 850 EURO/hunter 750 EURO/hunter
Above 150 pheasants offer offer
Translator - 50 EUR/day – group of 1 – 5 hunters
Transfer airport – 0.85 EUR/km
shotgun borrowing – carabine – 40 EUR/day + 2 EUR/ cartridge


In 2017 a shooting season is waiting for you with special offers for all the animal species that can be hunted. Booking in time these hunting parties you`ll benefit from a discount of the packages and better chances for success.

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