(Alauda arvensis)

PERIOD: 15 August – 31 Oktober (Group)



The quail has approximately the same size as the thrush, being the smallest and the only species of the order „Galliformes”, which are migrating birds in Romania. They are spread in Central Europe.


The quail is a migrating bird of the order „Galliformes”, with a length of 18 cm, brown coloured and stripes on the back (Coturnix coturnix). It`s a game appreciated for its delicious meat; quail`s call. A domestic type (the Japanese quail) is grown for its meat and especially for eggs, which are prescribed in diet. The quail usually lives in the cultivable hilly and plain regions. The colour of its body is brown and coffee-coloured with longitudinal stripes of light and dark colours. The he-bird has under the chin a spot of dark coffee-coloured. The quail breeds 2 generations of chicks in a year, the nest is a dimple in the ground lined by the female and hidden in grass, which are bent by the bird in the arch above the nest.
The female lays in May and August approximately 8 – 15 yellow eggs with brown spots, which are brooded only by the female. The chicks hatch out after 18 – 19 days. In autumn the birds migrate to the south of North Africa, Middle Africa and south west of Asia, where they spend the winter. Some species from Scandinavia spend the winter in the regions of South Europe.

4 nights boarding-house/accommodation
3 days of hunting
3 meals/day/hunter
transport on the hunting-ground/daily
companion of a professional hunting guide + beater with dogs
quail hunting


3 days of hunting

4 days of hunting

2 hunters 800 Eur / hunter offer
3/4 hunters 750 Eur / hunter offer
5/6 hunters 700 Eur / hunter offer
more than 6 hunters offer offer
Translator - 50 EUR/day – group of 1 – 5 hunters
Transfer airport – 0.85 EUR/km
shotgun borrowing – carabine – 40 EUR/day + 2 EUR/cartridge
taking over of quails 1 EUR/piece
hare hunting – 40 EUR/piece
pheasant hunting – 20 EUR/piece


In 2017 a shooting season is waiting for you with special offers for all the animal species that can be hunted. Booking in time these hunting parties you`ll benefit from a discount of the packages and better chances for success.

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