(Canis lupus)

PERIOD: 1 Oktober – 31 March (individual)
1 Oktober – 31 March (beating group)



Formerly the wolf was present in the whole northern hemisphere, adapting sussessfully to the most different essential conditions. It is a very talented hunter, but its way of life has a major impediment: it is the direct rival of humans and in most part of his range he lost on this unequal battle.


The biggest populations are found in Eastern Europe, Romania, the Balkan Peninsulae and Poland. Naturally the wolf can be found in Romania in the Danube Delta, in the Alpine plain , presenting a great ecological amplitude, due to its special intelligence, like in the case of the raven . A great number of wolves live in the Transsylvanian mountains, fact that brought into life numerous legends about werewolves.
At the Romanians there is an old tradition regarding the wolf, which is seen with fear and admiration. In some regions, for example in the region Momarlanilor the Dacian traditions regarding the wolf are still maintained. It is a robust and supple animal, it has a length of approximately 1,5 m, to which comes a tail of circa 0,8 m. Its weight is variable, usually between 30 and 50 kg, but in some cases exceeds 70 kg. The fur is brown-ashen grey with multiple variations. While foraging for food they can go through more than 100 km during a single night. The running speed of the wolf can exceed 60 km/hour.
Its senses are extraordinary. Not only its sense of smell is very fine but also the eyesight and sense of hearing. The wolf can hunt at night – his favourite time of hunting – very well, but in the day, at dusk and in the morning, too. It is resistant to pain and has courage in fights. But more than his physical performances it has a special intelligence. By hunting it uses tactics, from the the strategy of outflanking of the pray to the gradual chasing to closed areas.
It manages to observe and to avoid the traps many times. The Lapps say that “the bear is clever like a man and is strong like seven men, but a wolf is strong like a man and clever like seven men.”

5 nights boarding-house / accomodation
3 meals/day/hunter – the alcoholic drinks are not included
transport on the hunting-ground/daily
companion of a professional hunting guide
preparation of the trophy

PRICE: The bear hunting in Romania is not allowed at the moment.
The bear hunting in Romania is not allowed at the moment.
Translator - 50 EUR/day – group of 1 – 5 hunters
Transfer airport – 0.85 EUR/km
shotgun borrowing – carabine – 40 EUR/day + 2 EUR/ cartridge


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